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Horse Tender Studio - Model Horse Tack

(under construction - last update 7-13-17)

A tiny bit of backstory on item number one:

I started making model horse tack when I was a kid. Back then, my material of choice - to make all things - was... duct tape. This was long before it was "cool" - and back when there were only a two utilitarian colors, other than silver.

Recently my duct tape tack has caught the attention of many collectors, in part due to a Throwback post I did on my blog. Also, because I sent a (new) duct tape halter to my friend, Jennifer Buxton, of Braymere Custom Saddlery. She featured it, and my post, on her blog.

A few people have asked if I make them to sell. I hadn't done that, I wasn't sure there would be any interest. However, it appears that there is, so... (I can't believe I'm saying this - haha) I am now selling duct tape tack for model horses!

The first item I will be offering are the halters. In the future I plan to offer bridles and other strap goods. From there, who knows. I think the material lends itself well to strap goods. For a while now I've thought that it looks like Bio-thane, the plastic-coated nylon material often seen in endurance riding.

Model Horse Tack Currently Available to Order

for pricing and to place an order, please send me an e-mail at:, or contact me on my Facebook page

Duct Tape Halter

I can make them in any scale from Traditional to Stablemate.
Colors currently available are: black, white, purple, red, yellow, lime green, hot pink, and pink paisley.

Cross-stitch Saddle Blanket

Available in any scale from Traditional down to Stablemate.
Let me know the colors of embroidery floss that you would like used and a general idea of the pattern.
I can also adapt most real saddle blanket patterns down in scale.
My saddle blankets are Live Show proven and a Traditional pad I made has been a part of a Championship-winning NAN entry.

Wooden Saddle Stands

Currently available in two sizes: Tradional English or Classic - and Traditional Western. Many different colors, or unfinished for you to paint or stain yourself.

Custom engraving is also available. These make great live show awards, or promote your studio or stable.